Brooklyn School (Wellington)

This was an amazing and engaging project which the kids loved. We teamed up with another Brooklyn School SVA platoon and together we completed four projects.

We did a cleanup day at Central Park, volunteered down at our local resource centre on their elderly morning, created a fit trail around our school, and are currently designing a mural to be put in one of our local bus stops that shows the history of our suburb.

The kids got to interact with a wide range of community groups and have learned such valuable skills by completing these projects – such as how to be valuable group members and responsible citizens.

We have promoted and organised a book fair at our school to donate Dyslexia friendly books to our library. This has been driven by students in the class as we believe Dyslexia is a superpower and a different way of learning.

Having these dyslexia friendly books in our library send a strong message of our support of the effort our dyslexic students put in with their learning.

Room 14 wanted to help restore a native habitat. Our school is starting a building project and we are unable to do any planting, so the students decided to set pest traps instead.

We learned a lot about native animals and plants, and their predators. We worked with some Zealandia Rangers, who helped us make pest trackers and donated pest traps. We found different footprints and set traps for mice and rats. We also had to write persuasive letters to our principal convincing her it was a good idea to have pest traps in our school.

The students have been so engaged in this learning and really feel like they can make a difference.

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