Brandon Intermediate

The students explored their local environment and decided that the Cannon’s Creel lakes were not a fit environment for anyone, including the wildlife.

They then decided to see if the fish from the lakes could get down to Bothlamley Park and make their way out to sea. The students walked the passageway between the lakes and the stream. They explored the environment and reflected on previous learning about what fish need in their environment – the concrete passageway was not acceptable.

After setting traps to collect data and collecting the data on numbers of fish in both areas (students found banded Kokopu and Inanga at Bothamley Park and nothing in the Lakes), the students decided to write to the Porirua City Council to express their concerns. The Council agreed that something needed to be done.

As a result, the students assisted the input of new spat ropes to enable fish to move more freely up the concrete passageway.

Three of the students then entered into a competition to share their Kaitiaki project with others and won a trip to Kapiti Island.