Banks Avenue School

The Student Wellbeing Team, in conjunction with the Nature Smart Team, have been doing lots of small projects within the school.

The senior children have run many lunch time activities including chalk drawing days, doodle days, making emotional first aid kits, drawing, playing games with the younger children along with gymnastic sessions, and opportunities for girls to get more involved in sports. At least two of these activities are held every week and have had great attendance from students.

Other activities have been tidying up the school gardens, planting vegetable and flower gardens, setting up a beehive, painting tyres for planting, minor building projects, and this week the school wider community is involved in laying bark in the junior playground.

These activities are not big projects, but lots of little ones, to improve the environment and go towards the wellbeing of the children. A further plan is to set up a bike track. The children are very creative in what they come up with.