Bairds Mainfreight Primary School

In class, we made bookmarks and delivered them to teachers and support staff to thank them.

  • “I enjoyed writing the message for the bookmark because it was a good way to thank people and it is a good way of making them want to stay at our school. We let them know that we appreciated them.” Tia.
  • “I made a bookmark for my maths teacher because I wanted to say thank you for helping me learn.”
  • “I made one for our principal to thank him for introducing me to other people at this school.” Elijah

We also found out about an organisation called “Love Letters” on Facebook. They take individual letters made by all sorts of people across NZ and put them together to make up the names of sick children or their siblings to make their rooms (or hospital rooms) more colourful.

  • “The love letters were fun to do and we know that they are going to a good cause and will brighten up someone’s day. ” Cadell
  • “It was fun making them so the children can be happy when they see them.” Hazyl
  • “I hope that my love letter make someone happy when they are feeling sad.” Keita
  • “It was fun making our own designs for the kids and I hope that they like our designs.” Zyriana

Together with our senior school, we held a morning tea for all of the support staff, people who come into the school to help us, and one of the local rest homes. This was to say thank you for all that they do. We sang some songs, entertained them with some comedy, and then they were served morning tea. Each guest was given a small gift of a star, a decorated envelope, and a bookmark. Our class made salt dough stars that went with other gifts for our guests.

  • “It was fun serving all of the people and lovely to see how many people help the children in our school. I liked seeing their faces when we sang. “Caitlin
  • “It was good and lots of fun. I was a little nervous singing in the choir but I overcame my fear and it wasn’t that bad.” CJ
  • ” I enjoyed learning the songs and having a go singing in front of people because it was a good way of saying thank you.” Tia.
  • “It was fun and I was nervous when it was our turn to sing but at the end, it was ok because everyone applauded and we were happy.” Ali

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  1. You guys are a lovely school and the most handsome pretty teachers you are?

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