Ashgrove School

Rata 4

Ashgrove School

Our project

Our SVA was 24 Year 6 students from Ashgrove School in Rangiora. We use old t-shirt to make cotton tree ties and planted seedlings and then visited the Kaiapoi Food Forest that has been created in the red zone of Kaiapoi. When we were at the Food Forest we planted seedling, cared of trees using the cotton ties and painted posts.

Benefits to our community

The Kaiapoi Food Forest is managed and run by volunteers. It is a very special place and it was great to be able to help them out for a day.

Our learning

We have learnt lots about planting and sustainable gardening. Also about edible foods and the history of Kaiapoi. We also learnt about organising an event.

Value to the students - teachers perspective

Our students had so many learnings from this project. They organised all aspects of the service project and worked together so well.