Ashgrove School

For our SVA project, we visited the Cust Rural Volunteer Firestation to help wash the firetrucks and donate care packages to the firefighters. The students had a lot of fun putting this project together and they achieved some great work.

Ashgrove School

Our service was direct to our school.

– Tidy and clean up the worm farm
– Sell worms and donate money back to the Enviro team- we made $25 and the Enviro team are going to buy some more plants for the team gardens
– Weed the team gardens
– Peer Mediators and work alongside the duty teacher during our break times helping the younger students with any concerns
– Support our Early Junior children with their learning programme for the afternoon.

We have really enjoyed these projects. It was great to reinvest our time back into our school and take on more responsibility.

We would love to do it again.

This term Rata Toru volunteered at Orana Park in Christchurch. We swept paths, raked leaves from the gardens, weeded the gardens, washed windows of the reptile enclosure, and made food for the primates. We also made teacher appreciation gifts. We baked lolly cake, brownies, and cookies to go into boxes that we decorated ourselves.