Alexandra School

Room 5 decided to help the residents at Ranui Home by weeding, composting and planting their gardens.

The students surveyed the residents to see what type of flowers they liked and their favourite colours.

We then weeded and put lots of good compost over the gardens.

Afterwards, went to the Mitre 10 to choose the flowers that we were going to plant. We got some pansies and polyanthus.

When the students finished planting they felt proud of themselves. The students were happy that they had planted flowers for the Ranui Home residents to enjoy. 

8 thoughts on “Alexandra School”

  1. I think our school made the right choice to help out community members and I hope we do more activities like this to help the people in our area.

  2. good job room 5

  3. good job room 5

  4. We liked the way you surveyed the residents of Ranui and put there favourite colours and favourite flowers into the garden.

  5. thanks for planting plant for nature

  6. It was fun and it was good to see the residents happy. by Elliott

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