Addington School

Korimako Platoon organised a collection drive for the SPCA. They created posters to go around the community and included other schools in the neighbour hood. They posted notice of their event on the school facebook page and then had two days where the community could drop off donations at school. The Platoon collected sheets, towels, blankets, newspaper, pet food, toys, food bowls and several cages. They then cleaned some donations, boxed everything up and delivered then to the SPCA. The SPCA were very appreciative of the children’s efforts and they were very proud of their efforts.

Their Student Volunteer Army project coincided with a school wide topic of becoming “Changemakers” so alongside this, the platoon helped with other projects around the school – making tyre gardens to go in front of the fencing to stop balls going under it, making flowers out of recycled plastic bottles to decorate the fences, collecting cans of food for the Salvation Army, raising money for Ronald McDonald house, making craft and games packs for sick children in hospital and other gardening projects + a few more smaller projects. Wow – what a busy term!

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  1. Well done team

  2. Awesome job kids

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