Queenstown School

The project was a huge success. My class looked at many ways of giving back to the community – Soup kitchen, redistributing food about to be chucked from supermarkets; however, they finally settled on an art installation. The children looked at many locations that were important in the community before settling on a place that is a second home to many of the students – Coronet peak! From then on the project came into its own. The student found that many of their roles interlinked and that teamwork were essential to completing tasks. Because we were not busy enough, it was also suggested that we re-carpet our whole classroom during this time. For this, we used the roles and responsibilities that we got from School kit. Both projects were absolutely fantastic and the children expressed them as being highlights of their year. I am grateful for guidelines, structure and igniters that the School kit offered. I highly recommend this to other teachers.

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